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Children's Updates March 2011

Lace em up kids, it's almost time for the Bloom! We're selling seats at Apple Blossom again this year, to earn mad-money for vacation fun later, and parking cars on our field as always. Grades are better this period than last, so the double allowance for honor roll is flowing and that, combined with money earned working at Chic Fil-A and KFC is paying for everything from dates to cell phones ... all the necessities.

We volunteered at Kiwanis Pancake day this year, as the recipient was Winchester Day Nursery, our adopted Community Service Project. We plan on spending at least one day a week feeding the kids over there this summer, reading to them and sprucing up the place again this summer like we did last year. But Let's not rush too quickly! We've still got Prom, Graduation, and Birthdays to celebrate between now and summer...

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