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Our Pets

The Evans Home believes that our children should have the opportunity to develop relationships with the animals in our lives.  They often prove to be an important part of the positive transition to our home as well as in the long term recovery and healing of our residents. As they are such bright spots in our lives, we thought we'd introduce them to you.

Meet our Resident Floofs


"Bun Bun"

Bun Bun is a lop-eared bunny who was a surprise to the Evans Home when someone dropped her on our doorstep Christmas Eve 2020. Although a surprise, she was a welcome stress relief to end the craziness  of 2020. She helps us get through our days with her hoppity antics, soft fur and non-chalant attitude.



Monkey is a Pug who was originally rescued from an abusive home. He was ‘adopted’ and returned to the rescue multiple times until the rescue discovered he was blind! Finding a home with April, Monkey has since gotten the medical attention he needed and has become the resident house cuddle bug. He loves being held, read to, sung to, and napping.



Maisie is a Boston Terrier who was rescued from extreme neglect at a puppy mill. The Evans Home kids have practiced patience and a gentleness and after 2 years- Maisie has begun to build trust! She is learning how to go on walks, be in a room with people and receive affection and treats. She has taken a special interest in our new bunny, and they have become fast friends.

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