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What We Do

The Henry & William Evans Home for Children provides a loving, nurturing home for children who are homeless or in a family crisis. This is a home where children who are in desperate circumstances are given a chance to not only be safe and secure, but to thrive in all that life has to offer.  Since 1949, the Evans Home has welcomed more than 500 children, under a variety of circumstances, and positively affected their lives - and in turn their communities.

Our children attend public schools, participate in athletics and other extra-curricular activities as well as take care of their own house pets.  Through the generosity of our community giving, they are able to attend summer camps and many are able to receive orthodontic braces, enjoy ball games, bowling, movies and other community activities as any normal child would enjoy.  Most of all, these children carry forward this environment of love, care and personal responsibility into productive and family-oriented adulthood.

Financial Needs

The Evans Home is one of the few residential children’s homes left in Virginia and its existence is vital to our community.  However, 100% of our annual budget requires donations from you and other generous community partners and private donors in order to keep the doors open.  We do not spend money on fund raising or marketing activities, and as a result, 92.5% of all contributions go directly to care of the children!  We are also a 501 c(3) charitable organization.

It is ultimately our long-term dream to reach a $10 Million endowment so that our home will likely be forever-sustainable and not reliant on the volatile political environments and constant fundraising for sustainability.  This may seem like an impossible task, but by working together as a community, we might hope to someday realize this dream.

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