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Our Program

Physical Facility

The Evans Home is a one-story brick ranch style building situated within a quiet residential neighborhood. The building includes offices for the administrative staff as well as private living quarters for houseparents. The Home has two wings (one for boys, one for girls), a dining room, living room, library/study hall and a computer lab.  


Expansion during the past year delivered the promise of a private bedroom for every child and a spacious recreation room that accommodates everything from birthday parties to exercise groups to weekly house-meetings. Outside are basketball courts, playground equipment, and separate "clubhouses" for boys and girls, all within a sweeping, tree bordered yard with room enough for a small garden, the kids' Easter morning egg hunt (we prefer surprises and prizes in plastic eggs to the real thing) and those summertime games of flashlight tag.


Community Relationships & Resources

The Home utilizes local public educational programs; mental health practitioners; community parks, recreational facilities and programs, churches, and the Youth Development Center. 


Volunteer Program

The needs of the Evans Home are many and so too are the opportunities for volunteers to support and advance its mission. We do not use volunteers in direct care capacities, however our children are made aware of the efforts of their special patrons. The result is that they not only benefit from the efforts of volunteers, but they become more confident and willing to trust others.

The fortunate children who come to the Evans Home are provided with everything necessary to do more than survive the suffering of their pasts. Here they live with children like themselves, attending to the same painful process of recovery, and together they begin to trust, to embrace their lives, and to have faith in the future. Everyone who assists the Evans Home touches their lives and contributes to this magical transformation. When Evans Home children witness the efforts of volunteers to insure the well-being of others, they begin to believe in the kindness of those who believe in them.


The list below provides a variety of ways the Evans Home for Children can use your assistance. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail to let us know what activity sounds most interesting to you. Our staff will gladly discuss our needs with you more fully and welcome into the Evans Home extended family.

  • Serve on the Evans Home Board

  • Help with the Doll Auction

  • Help with the Chili Dinner

  • Help with the Corporate Dinner

  • Serve as an on-call general assistant

  • Assist in developing other funding sources

  • Make a contribution

  • Help prepare for annual summer yard sales


Our Values

  • Children have the right to have their basic needs met

  • Children have the right to be protected from all harm

  • Children have the right to dream


Independent Living

The Evans Home is responsive to the needs of its older residents and provides ample support and guidance in anticipation of their futures beyond the Home and foster care. Evans Home staff, specifically its Independent Living Coordinator, assist residents with part-time employment and basic financial management skills (including savings accounts); arrange Behind-the-Wheel and Driver’s Education; develop apprenticeship opportunities; and engage the services of local private and public independent living services as well as statewide Independent Living Conferences.


The Evans Home is currently supporting many former residents in college. The Home is proudly committed to helping residents move confidently into adulthood and believes that its responsibility to them extends beyond the time they live at the Home. 


School Activities

  • Individualized academic planning with teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors.

  • Coordination of special services through special education or alternative education program

  • Computer lab

  • Professional tutoring

  • Resident scholarships to two and four year colleges

Daily Life

The Winchester City Schools’ schedule demands early mornings for our kids since they all must be at school before 8:00 a.m. We make up for it on the weekends and during summer and other vacations when the kids get to sleep in and relax. 


Residents have time for a snack and a break before beginning an hour’s study time at 4:00 p.m. Study time is flexible and can vary depending on a resident’s academic needs and performance as well as their other obligations. Dinnertime is around 6:00 p.m. and once the dishes are washed and put away the evening hours are available for TV, video games, additional study time, bike-riding, independent projects, music or maybe a family trip to the park or to the lake for fishing. 


During the summer kids and staff plan day trips to regional places of interest while in between everyone is busy with summer jobs, day and away camps, specialty camps (such as basketball and performing arts), swimming, taking in summertime movies and just enjoying their time off. 


Daily life at the Evans Home allows children to manage their own time and activities within a structured, but not strictly regimented, atmosphere. Expectations are clear and routines are predictable, but as with all families, collective obligations come down to individual responsibilities. It is through the day to day life of the Home that Evans Home children develop the mutual respect and sense of belonging that allows them to grow and progress in all areas of their lives.  


Resident Activities

  • Team sports (school-sponsored and community leagues)

  • Community-based lessons and classes such as pottery, karate, and riding

  • Volunteer projects

  • Summer camps

  • Fenced basketball court with lighting

  • Swimming at local pools and lakes

  • Local Youth Development Center

  • Community cultural events

  • Employment opportunities

  • Summer vacation day-excursions      


Our Dog, Willie......may he rest in peace.

William Henry Evans ... Willie for short, was a part of our family for many years (ever since he was a puppy).  We lost him in March of 2017; he was 14 years old.  He was a loyal companion and protector of his home and family and he will be greatly missed.

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