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'Burden' for children

Star Tannery — Every day during his short tenure as program director, and then, too, even after he assumed the executive directorship, M. Kirby Lloyd would walk to the Henry and William Evans Home for Children from his apartment on Monmouth Street — and cry every step of the way. And, at the end of the day, so he told me last week, he would “cry all the way home.” Some people appreciate children, and others genuinely love children. And then there are those who, as my wife likes to say, “carry a burden” for children. Melvin Kirby Lloyd definitely belongs in that last category. For 22 years, he served as the Evans Home’s executive director. Over that period, some 202 children — indigent, needy

Early years at the Evans Home​

STAR TANNERY — In writing about the Henry and William Evans Home for Children, soon­er or later, I figured, I would have to track down one M. Kirby Lloyd. For more than two decades before retiring in 2000, Kirby, as many know, served as the Evans Home’s executive director. He al­so wrote the book (literally) about the home’s history. But, as fate — and my good fortune — would have it, Kirby and his wife, Ann, found me, via e-mail and phone. And then I was obliged to find them, as it were, out in the pastoral confines of southwestern Frederick County along the far reaches of Wardensville Grade. I did so Monday afternoon, and though I was customarily late arriving at Kirby and Ann’s garden-spo

Who are those guys?​

STAR TANNERY - Remember that oft- uttered line in the iconic Western, “Butch Cassidy and the Sun­dance Kid,” in which Paul New­man and Robert Redford, as the eponymous on-the-lam outlaws, repeatedly wondered about the identity of their pursuers? “Who are those guys?” Well, I’ve wondered the same thing about the two men whose names adorn a rather notable children’s home of f Cork Street. Just who are Henry and William Evans? For some reason — and somewhat uncharacteristically, may I add — my inquisitiveness never prompted me to take the next obvious step. That is, until a few weeks ago when Marc Jac­card, executive director of the Henry and William Evans Home for Children, addressed fellow Wi

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