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The Quintessential Mom​

WINCHESTER - Winona Powers isn't the typical mom remembered on Mother's Day. Over the past nine years, she has been a mom to 98 children at the Henry and William Evans Home for Children Inc. in Winchester, where she works as a house mother. Marc Jaccard, the home's executive director, calls Powers the "the quintessential mom." Her hugs are legendary and her companionship prized by her former charges. Children seek her out. She always says "I love you." Known to many kids and staffers as "Noni," the 54-year-old Powers was the first person to ever tuck Lori Cumberledge in at night. "That's special," said Lori, now 26 and living near Clarksburg, W.Va. It's so special that Lori, who was 15 when

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