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​Admissions Criteria/Discharge Criteria

To refer your child for possible admission to the Evans Home, please contact Program Director, LaMishia Allen (

Phone - 540-662-8520  /  fax number - 540-662-4224.
The Evans Home uses the following criteria in evaluating referrals for placement at the Home:

  1. Children admitted to the Evans Home for Children shall be of school age, (5-17) and eligible to attend public school, whether in mainstream or special education programs.

  2. Children admitted to the Evans Home shall be currently in foster care, under the legal guardianship of a Department of Social Services within the Commonwealth of Virginia, or placed by a Department of Social Services with an interstate compact agreement.

  3. * Non-custodial arrangements or F.A.P.T. considered. Foster care referrals will be on a case by case basis.

  4. Children admitted to the Evans Home shall be identified as having endured one or more of the following prior to their placement: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or homelessness.

  5. Children admitted to the Evans Home shall be evaluated by Evans Home staff as not presenting a threat to the safety or well being of the other residents in the Home.

  6. Children admitted to the Evans Home must be deemed capable of thriving within the physical plant of the Evans Home.

  7. Children admitted to the Evans Home must be accompanied by a completed application for admission.

  8. Children with special needs will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  


Discharge Criteria

Residents will leave the Evans Home in one of several ways:

  1. Some residents will be at the Home until they are old enough and prepared to move out on their own or to go to college.

  2. Others may leave when they are prepared to move in with a relative that has been approved by the placing agency.

  3. Still others may move in with foster families or adoptive families who have been found and trained by their placing agency. We will assist with the development and implementation of transition plans.

  4. Finally, the Home may ask a resident to leave before these arrangements can be made, if that person's behavior presents a risk to him/herself or other residents of the Home. A resident may also have to leave if they are not allowed to return to school because of behaviors there. In these instances, the child usually moves to a highly structured facility, capable of providing education on their premises.

Admissions Packet

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